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Florida Dental Hygiene Programs

Florida Dental Hygiene Programs and Dental Hygienist Schools provide the entry level and advanced classroom training and hands-on experience required to practice as a Dental Hygienist, one of the fastest growing healthcare occupations in the United States. Florida Dental Hygiene Programs and Dental Hygienist Schools provide laboratory and classroom instruction in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, radiography, histology and related sciences integral to understanding dental health conditions. Florida Dental Hygiene Programs and Dental Hygienist Schools typically supplement classroom training with extensive dental hygiene practice in clinical settings. Although the training curricula is similar from one program to the next, there can be distinct differences between programs in terms of admission requirements, selection criteria and student and alumni support services. Accordingly, interested applicants should check with respective Florida Dental Hygiene Programs and Dental Hygienist Schools listed below to learn about their admission standards, selection criteria, training curricula and support services available to students and alumni:

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