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Dental Schools in the U.S.

Dental Schools in the U.S. provide the classroom training and hands-on experience required to become a Dentist, one of the best paying healthcare occupations in the United States. Every Dental School in the U.S. provides laboratory and classroom instruction in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, radiography, histology, periodontology (the study of oral disease and health), and related sciences integral to understanding dental health conditions. All Dental Schools in the U.S supplement classroom and lab training with extensive clinical practice where students work with patients under the supervision of a licensed dentist.

Most Dental Schools in the U.S. provide advanced Dentist training. Any dentist who wants to practice in one of the nine dental specialties that all states recognize must have a license in that specialty. This usually requires 2 to 4 years of additional education after dental school and, in some cases, the completion of a special state exam. A postgraduate residency term also may be required, usually lasting up to 2 years. Learn about the admission requirements, training and career development support offered by Dental Schools in the U.S.:

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